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Residential buildings

Vels Construction is the finest Solution to construct all type of Residential Buildings such as House, Roof Buildings etc...

Commercial Buildings

Vels Construction is the Best in the field of constructing the Commercial buildings for Office, Large scale Company, Road Construction etc...

Renovation Works

We are the innovative construction company to renovate the Buildings you have

False Ceiling

False ceiling service by Vels Construction was getting lot of positive feedbacks by the clients

Interior Works

We did all type of Interior works to make sure your living is good with the dream house

3D Elevation

The finest service of our 3D Elevation gives you the accurate Identity of your Dream House

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Carpentary Works

We did all type of Carpentry works to fulfil your Interior and Exterior such as Cupboard, Table, Chairs etc.

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House Wiring Works

We does wiring works to complete the entire house or your office with electricity

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Project Management

Our Project Mangement process finalize the plan and elevation of your dream project with us

Residential Construction

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